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Pressure tanks force water out of the tank using air pressure acting on a rubber diaphragm to create water volume difference between high and low settings of your pressure switch.  When the pressure drops enough, your well pump kicks in and the water acting on the rubber diaphragm compresses the air inside the tank.  This keeps an equal balance of water to air pressure.  This process is controlled by the pressure switch and keeps your pump from turning on and off every time there is a demand for water.  Without a pressure tank your pump would cycle on and off rapidly as there would be very little water volume difference in your pipes.   A pressure tank is installed in your home as a means of stabilizing the water pressure and protecting the well pump from short cycling. 

Proper tank sizing recommends one gallon of drawdown for each gallon per minute at pump capacity. 

PRO-SourcePLUS™  tanks are compatible with chlorinated and reverse osmosis-treated water, and are Resistant to the effects of iron bacteria.  Pentair Water backs its PRO- SourcePLUS™ tanks with a five-year warranty.